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Oklahoma Department of the Reserve Officers Association

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Updated March 2000

Web posted Saturday, June 3, 2000
Seven picked for Military Hall of Fame

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Two astronauts, a political cartoonist and the first black to receive the Medal of Honor are among seven people being inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame.

The seven will be recognized Saturday in a banquet at the Kirkpatrick Center. It will be the second annual induction ceremony for the hall, which is run by the Oklahoma Reserve Officers Association and the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Among the inductees is Bill Mauldin, who served with the 45th Infantry Division during World War II and became one of America's most distinguished artists with his drawings depicting the front-line life of the American soldier. He won a Pulitzer Prize at 23, the youngest person ever to win journalism's highest honor. He won a second Pulitzer in 1959 as a political cartoonist. A collection of his cartoons was purchased by the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City.

Capt. Riley L. Pitts of Failis became the first black officer in history to receive the Medal of Honor posthumously. In 1967, he was killed while leading his company during a successful assault of enemy positions in Vietnam. He was credited with personally putting suppressive fire on enemy positions while urging his men forward until he was mortally wounded.

Rear Adm. Thomas F. Hall, a native of Barnsdall, was at one time in charge of a quarter of the country's naval forces as commander of the Naval Reserve. His Navy career spanned 33 years and saw him graduate from the Naval Academy with top honors. He also graduated first in his class from flight school and flew numerous combat missions in Vietnam. He retired in 1996 and is now the chief operating officer of the Naval Reserve Association in Alexandria, Va.

Oklahoma City native Maj. Gen. Frederick A. Daugherty took command of the 45th Infantry Division in September 1960. He enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard in May 1934 and entered federal wartime service in September 1940. By the end of World War II, he had attained the rank of colonel. He was recalled to federal service during the Korean conflict, serving two more years of federal duty before again returning to the Oklahoma Guard.

Maj. Gen. Ray L. Smith, a Shidler native, served as a Marine company commander for nine months of his tour in Vietnam, taking command during the Tet Offensive in 1968. Smith later returned to Vietnam during the war as an adviser to the Vietnamese Marine Corps. In 1997, he was assigned the commanding general of the Marine Corps base at Camp LeJeune, N.C.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas Stafford, a native of Weatherford, was among the second group of astronauts selected to participate in projects Gemini and Apollo in 1962. In 1966, he was commander of Gemini IX. His last post before retiring from the Air Force in 1979 was as Deputy Chief of Staff for Research Development and Acquisition at U.S. Air Force Headquarters.

Enid native Owen K. Garrett was a member of the second longest U.S. manned space mission in 1973 when he was aboard Skylab for about 60 days conducting extensive studies of the sun, earth and the human reaction to weightlessness. He was an electronics officer in the U.S. Navy from 1953 to 1956 and later taught electrical engineering at Stanford University. He has held several administrative posts at the Johnson Space Center and as a program scientist in the Space Station Program Office.  The Shawnee News-Star

Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame:

Comanche Code Talker inducted into Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame

OKLAHOMA CITY -- On Saturday, February 10, 2001, five memorable Oklahomans were inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame. They included a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a past Oklahoma governor, and the last surviving member of the Comanche Code Talker unit from World War II.

Born near Medicine Park, Charles Chibitty, now 78, resides in Tulsa and is the last living Comanche code talker of World War II. He served with his unit in the European theater of operations after intensive training at Ft. Benning in 1941. Using their own Comanche language, they transmitted top-secret coded messages, stymieing the enemy in its attempts to figure out the allied code. Their actions probably shortened the war by years and certainly saved thousands of allied lives.

Their messages had to be coded first and then translated, yet it is a matter of record that the Comanche unit never made a mistake. Words were invented for many things for which the Comanche had no equivalent, such as a machine gun, which became a sewing machine!

The Oklahoma Department of the Reserve Officer Association, with the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Scabbard and Blade, hosted the induction ceremony and celebrations at the Myriad Convention Center. The other honorees were former Oklahoma governor Henry Bellmon, Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr., retired, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Richard Burpee, and former Chief of the Army Nurse Corps Col. Inez Haynes. Among those attending the ceremonies were all 24 members of the Comanche Indian Veterans Association. A luncheon was held in honor of the inductees, as well as other activities, including a reception for the honorees and banquet in the evening, followed by a dance.


Story last updated at 11:26 a.m. Friday, July 26, 2002

Buffalo Soldiers to be inducted into Hall of Fame

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Buffalo Soldiers, a unit of the 10th U.S. Calvary, will be among honorees inducted into the Military Hall of Fame honoring notable Oklahomans during ceremonies planned Aug. 3.

Coordinated by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission, the upcoming ceremony will also recognize Sgt. James E. "Jake" McNiece, a soldier who served with a World War II unit which inspired the movie "The Dirty Dozen," along with 10 other individuals.

Activities will start during the late afternoon with a news conference at the Renaissance Hotel before a reception, formal banquet and the induction ceremony at Cox Convention Center.

Other honorees are Rear Adm. B. Hayden Crawford, Gen. Bennie Davis, Brig. Gen. Joseph Turner and Col. Pendleton Woods. Posthumous inductees include Lt. Col. Neil Brittan, Major Quince Brown, Major Gen. William Garrison, Brig. Gen. Glen Long, former U.S. Secretary of War Patrick Hurley and Lt. Gen. LaVern Weber. The Daily Ardmoreite

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2000-01 LCDR Robin Syba, USNR, 1999-2000 Maj. Ernest M. Goodman, USAFR,

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1970-71 Lt. Col. David J. Sutton, USAFR, 1969-70 Capt. B. Hayden Crawford, USNR

1968-69 Lt. Col. Lester Wildman, USAR, 1967-68 Col. Harry Huff, USAFR

1966-67 CDR Harold Bratches, USNR, 1965-66 Col. Marvin T. Edmison, USAR

1964-65 Lt Col Lucius C. (Chris) Tirey, USAFR, 1963-64 LCDR Richard Cleverdon, USNR

1962-63 LTC Edgar Strong, USAR, 1961-62 Col Edwin J. Angelo, USAFR

1960-61 CWO T. Van Woody, USNR, 1959-60 BG Clyde J. Watts, USAR

1958-59 Lt Col Caustin Currey, USAFR, 1958 (Apr.-Nov.) Col Hal Doolittle, USAFR

1957-58 CAPT Gerald Dericks, USNR, 1956-57 BG Francis J. Reichmann, USAR

1955-56 Col Joe Neyer, USAFR, 1954-55 CAPT Wayne A. Parker, USNR

1953-54 COL Homer Ledbetter, USAR, 1952-53 Lt Col Lanson Mitchell, USAFR

1951-52 RADM John Kirkpatrick, USNR, 1951 CDR Merle Hammond, USNR

1950-51 COL E. L. (Mike) Massad, USAR, 1949-50 Col Henry McMillan, USAFR

1948-49 Col Lee Adams, USAFR, 1947-48 COL Armon Bost, USAR

1946-47 COL Armon Bost, USAR, 1946 COL Clarence Barnis, USAR

1945-46 Col Harry S. Halley, USAFR, 1942-45 None during war years

1941-42 Col. Ren Y. Saxton, Engr. ORC, 1940-41 Col. Paul M. Brewer, Inf. ORC

1939-40 Maj. Frank J. Brandenburg, Dental ORC, 1938-39 Capt. W. Fred Cleckler, ORC

1937-38 Unknown, 1936-37 Thomas B. Matthews, 1935-36 Unknown